What sets Rolf Cremer watches apart

Rolf Cremer watches bear a special and unique signature in terms of their design vocabulary and colour scheme. The design is discrete, timeless and not a slave to fashion: straightforward, functional and minimalist. These stylistic elements of distinct Nordic design are combined with colourful and also playful elements. The classic watch colours are black and red, supplemented by a self-confident selection of contemporary colours in homage to the spirit of the time. The range of models is very broad – from minimalist to timelessly-elegant, right the way through to bold and experimental.

To the benefit of individuality, the watches are manufactured in small quantities. New designs are released two to three times a year.

Today “Rolf Cremer” brand watches have become sought-after collector’s items. Some design models are already considered modern classics. Among them for instance is the TURN model. As with all model ranges the name is a reference to a design statement, in this instance to the dynamic-asymmetrical casing. The watch is presented to the wearer at the correct visual angle. There are up to 15 different variants for each model.

Quality in detail

Our watches are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Their mechanisms come from Ronda and Miyota.

The casings are made exclusively from stainless steel or titanium. These materials have hypo-allergenic properties; they are even used in the field of medicine.

The size spectrum of our watches ranges from “minimal” (e. g. the RUNNING POINT series) through to “jumbo size” (e. g. our GENT 50 which is around 50 millimetres in diameter).

Replacement wristbands (which depending on the model are made from leather, silicone or metal) can be purchased up to at least five years from watch manufacture.