The philosophy of our watches

Our motivation is to combine design and quality of life and present it in the guise of a product which can be used daily. Watches are tailor-made for this. On the one hand they fulfil a very mundane function – that of showing us the time. While on the other it is fascinating to see the versatile manner in which they fulfill this function. The look of watches is a feature which can be adapted almost without end.

In 1989 we sought to offer watches which bore a specific signature; a consistent design concept followed – a stand-alone brand with unique characteristics. We succeeded – each Rolf Cremer watch stands out due to its unusual design. Each one is discreet, timeless, not a slave to fashion – straightforward, functional and minimalist. These stylistic elements of distinct Nordic design are combined with colourful and also playful elements. Classic watch colours are black and red, supplemented by a self-confident selection of contemporary colours in homage to the spirit of the time. The range of models is very broad, from minimalist to timelessly-elegant, right the way through to bold and experimental. 

The exterior qualities ought not to be inferior to those of the interior. That our watches reliably fulfil their function over many years is a matter of course.

Watch designs originated in the think-tank of this family business, which stands for taste and joie de vivre, in North Germany, in the small town of Grebin, 20 kilometres south-east of Kiel – set in the midst of the natural surroundings in Holstein Switzerland. 

“Rolf Cremer” brand watches are available in goldsmiths, individual galleries, as well as special art and design-oriented shops, which have a distinct range.

Comprehensive service for our dealers

We support our distributors with an all-round comprehensive service. Each dealer is individually looked after. A starter package is made available to new clients which includes watch stands, promotional stands, window displays, product flyers, decorative flags for the interior, repair dockets and more.

Rolf Cremer is there in person at all key specialist trade fairs and is a direct contact partner for distributors. For us this is an expression of experience gleaned from practice – Rolf Cremer learns on site what it is that our customers really want.

Optimal, convincing communication of the “Rolf Cremer” brand and its distinctive features requires a certain domain and a specific setting. With a starter package of at least 20 different Rolf Cremer watches, distributors are able to gain an insight into our brand, our consistency and also our diversity.