Big Moment II mit Stift

Be inspired by the world of shapes and colors of Rolf Cremer watches: from elegant simplicity and lively colors to surprising asymmetry – everything is represented.

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Auszeichnung Uhrenfachhandelsmarke für Rolf Cremer

We have been rewarded – and for the first time twice!

The trade journal BLICKPUNKT JUWELIER has once again awarded us the “Uhrenfachhandelsmarke 2023” award. This award is only given to manufacturers who are loyal to the stationary specialist trade. And for the first time, we also received the “Lieblingslieferant Uhren” award. A special thank you for that! We can only be so good because we have such great retailers!

Moment II + Big Moment II

You can now carry the most beautiful moments in life on your arm. And the best thing about it is: They are not fleeting, but remain for many years. Our MOMENT II comes across as a gentle watch, with its pleasantly curved case that houses a very present, round dial. This, as well as the clear, straightforward design of the hands, guarantees excellent readability. The MOMENT II is available either in maximum reduction without an index or with numbers that – just a MOMENT – grow in size from 6 to 12 and are also not rotated between 4 and 8.

Anyone who likes our MOMENT II has the opportunity to show even more presence with this beautiful model. The BIG MOMENT II has all the advantages of its little sister, but on a larger scale. The case of the BIG MOMENT II is 6 millimeters wider than that of the MOMENT II.


Friends of a “clear edge” probably wouldn't have it easy with our EDGE. Shaping a watch with a square case in such a flattering way is a small masterpiece. The EDGE is the archetype of friendliness, so to speak, you take it in your hand and it snuggles up, nothing presses. A sympathizer for sympathizers.


Is it square or isn't it? Yes, it is. Both. An exciting contrast results from the square case, which – rounded off at the corners to flatter the arm – grows towards the viewer in a flowing, organic asymmetry and culminates in a clock face that was originally a square, but then twisted optimistically in a left turn and became an index, which in turn aligns with the base of this watch, the square outline of the case. From strong bright colors to a muted, elegant expression – the TWISTER always knows how to impress.


The “Turn” has been our absolute bestseller for decades. Since we have been offering stainless steel cases with the “Turn-S” instead of titanium, we have had even a greater scope for design. The new 2023 models of the “Turn-S” are simply breathtaking!



The topic of wood rethought: harmonious color combinations, simple but special design aspects – another very special piece of jewelery from Rolf Cremer. The natural and “vegan” watch straps are brand new.



A housing that radiates deep calm. There is nothing in the plan to disturb the balance, perfect harmony. The oblique view then reveals that the case is slightly curved, as if it wants to embrace the viewer.


A watch for everyone who says “yes” to life, who wants to express happiness, agility and joie de vivre. The skilful play with squares that is so typical of Rolf Cremer: There it is again. The slightly different colored, angled square gives the externally stable shape an extraordinary dynamic. The two-tone strap is also smart.

Shapes - Colors - Variety

The world of Rolf Cremer: That is the sheer infinite variety of shapes and colors.

It should be something subtle, elegant? Willingly!

Or a color highlight that gives your cool outfit the finishing touch?

Or may it be something really shrill with which you finally come out as an individualist?

You can find everything in our portfolio.

The “second skin” for our watches

Each Rolf Cremer watch is handed over in an attractive case that matches the cool design of our watches. It stylishly protects the watch while it is being transported – or when it is not worn in favor of another Rolf Cremer watch. And the best thing about it is: In order to do our share of sustainability here too, they are made from FSC-certified paper!